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Bauhinia flowers | Updated:2017-04-13


An aerial view of South China Agricultural University campus decorated by vast swaths of bauhinia blossoms. [Photo/Xinhua]

Rising Star

The best time to enjoy the blossoms is between March and early April in Guangzhou, but they have a relatively short flowering period of just about 15 days.

The Bauhinia tree, also called "Hong Kong orchid tree", is often associated with the city. The evergreen tree features a strong resistance to dust and its double-lobed leaf is similar in shape to a heart or a butterfly.

Bauhinia blossoms are also commonly seen in South China's city of Guangzhou, with almost 100,000 bauhinia trees there, some 5,000 of which are in South China Agricultural University (SCAU).

Every year, a festival is set especially for bauhinia blossoms in the university when they are in full bloom, allowing visitors to get a romantic experience of taking a walk on campus under the spreading blossoms.

Guangzhou is now planning to promote the flower as another name card of the city, planting more bright pinkish-purple flowers.

Where to see them: Haizhu Wetland Park, Luhu Lake Park, South China Agricultural University


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