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Kapok flowers

( : 2017-04-13


A bird perches on a kapok tree and sings a spring song for the blooming flowers. [Photo/Xinhua]

City flower of Guangzhou

Kapok flowers normally open across the city in March or April, but some early bloomers spring into life a little early with the ever-warming temperature.

Guangzhou has a long history of growing kapok trees, and they can be seen lining the city's streets and boulevards. Local residents cherish a fond connection with the trees that they have called their own since 1982 when it became Guangzhou's official flower.

People in Guangzhou often dry kapok flowers to preserve them, and use them to make herbal tea, believing that they provide health benefits when living in hot and humid places.

Where to see them: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Yuexiu Mountain, Dongshan Lake Park, Ersha Island