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( : 2017-04-12

Short trips to admire flowers in bloom are always popular in early spring, and the South China city of Guangzhou is the perfect place to appreciate floral blossoms.

Guangzhou's geographic location, situating in the South Asia Tropical Zone and nestling between both mountains and sea, endows it with a typical monsoon-marine climate with warm temperatures, ample rain and low temperature differentials.

Thanks to its subtropical climate, Guangzhou has flowers and evergreen plants in bloom all year round, earning it the moniker "Flower City".

Tulips, dream birdwoods, Kapok flowers, peach and cherry blossoms are all in full bloom across Guangzhou's branches in spring.

And the city's vast array of theme parks, eco-parks, as well as ancient towns and historic sites, allow visitors to have a great spring stay among nature.


Fields of flowers are in full bloom at Guangzhou's Sunflower Garden, covering 260,000 square meters. [Photo by Ai Mengsitan/Xinhua]


Shimen National Forest Park in Conghua district, Guangzhou, looks as if a rainbow has fallen on its side. [Photo/]