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Ashoka trees blossom across Guangzhou | Updated:2017-04-05

Ashoka trees are in bloom across Guangzhou, bringing a new brightness and vibrancy to the Guangdong province capital.


Many people are attracted to take photographs of the bright flowers in Guangzhou. [Photo/]

Visitors can appreciate the stunning flame-like flowers at different sites across the city, including South China Botanical Garden, Xiaogang Park and Huanghuagang Commemoration Park. 

Guangdong Experimental High School is home to a 35-year-old ashoka tree, planted by the alumnus back in 1982. 

Ashoka trees are one of the sacred trees in Hinduism and Buddhism. They bloom from March to April, according to the experts from Ecology Society of Guangdong province.


Ashoka trees are in full flaming bloom in Guangzhou. [Photo/]


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