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Folk festival holds first writing ceremony | Updated:2017-03-30

A folk culture festival was held at Renwei Temple in Lizhiwan Bay, Guangzhou on March 29, with many traditional activities bringing old traditions back to life.

It's the seventh time the festival has been held and it opened with a group lion dance performed by local people. 

After the dancing, 60 children from Guangya Experimental Kindergarten took part in a ceremony teaching them how to write for the first time.


Children wear traditional Chinese dress while attending their first writing ceremony in Guangzhou, March 29. [Photo/]

The ceremony, known as "kaibi", was held at Renwei temple and led by a Taoist priest. It aims at passing on traditional virtues to the younger generation.  


A Taoist priest leads the children to attend their first writing ceremony, or "Kaibi". [Photo/]

First, a parade traveled from Renwei Temple to Wenta Tower Square, where the children, aged between five and six, dressed in traditional clothes and listened to moral teachings. 

The teachers inked red dots upon each child's forehead to signify a love of study, before beginning their first writing lesson with the character "ren", which means human in English. 


A teacher paints a red dot on a child's forehead to symbolize the passing on of wisdom. [Photo/]


A child traces the strokes of the Chinese character "ren", meaning human in English. [Photo/]

To close the ceremony, the children walked three times around Wenta Tower symbolizing their journey into study. 

Other activities at the festival included calligraphy and painting exhibitions, antiques roadshows and a puppet show.


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