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Dragon's dance at Panyu folk festival | Updated:2017-02-09


A dragon eats a head of lettuce hung in the air during a dragon dance performed by local people in Panyu district, Guangzhou on Feb 6. Eating lettuce symbolizes good fortune, and is a traditional part of the "Shi Xiang Hui" festival held in the district each year. [Photo by Meng Xiaochun / Xinhua]

If you were in Guangzhou's Panyu district on Feb 6, you may have seen the amazing sight of a pink dragon devouring a lettuce.

The unique ritual takes place in Panyu every year, and is part of an old festival called "Shi Xiang Hui". The festival, which always takes place on the 10th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, commemorates the unity of 10 Panyu villages that fought together in a war during the Ming Dynasty (1358-1644). The 10 villages take turns to host the celebrations every year.

The highlight of the festival is the dragon dance performed by local people. As part of the dance, the dragon has to eat a lettuce hanging in the air, which symbolizes good fortune.

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