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Jinan University

( : 2016-12-27

Based in the Tianhe district of Guangzhou, Jinan University is one of China's oldest universities with history of 110 years. It was the first university in China to recruit foreign students and is currently the university with most overseas students in China.

In 1906, Chinan Academy, the predecessor of Jinan University, was founded in Nanjing. The school was set up to provide education in Chinese culture and moral values to overseas Chinese.

The name Chinan (and the current spelling Jinan) came from the Confucian classic Book of History, which reads: "reaching eastward to the North and South, we shall spread the culture far and wide." Jinan University has continued to spread Chinese culture for more than 100 years now.

Adhering to its schooling tradition of focusing on the basics and emphasizing application and innovation, the university has become a multi-disciplinary university, merging science, engineering, business management, arts and social sciences, medicine and other disciplines into one integration.

Jinan University has delivered a great number of quality talents to the country and beyond, hence it is acclaimed as "the top higher-education institution for overseas Chinese" and "the talent cradle for overseas students".


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