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Jiayu Pass [Photo/IC]

The Great Wall at Jiayuguan Pass

Jiayu Pass, also called "China's No. 1 Pass", is located in the middle of the narrowest valley which is six kilometers to the southwest of Jiayuguan city in Northwest China's Gansu province. 

The walls on both sides of the pass traverse the desert before connecting the Xuanbi (Cantilever) Great Wall at Heishan Mountain on the north and China's No. 1 Pier on the south.

Jiayu Pass is the gateway to the westernmost end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, and was historically known as the throat of the Hexi area.

The Cantilever Great Wall

The Cantilever Great Wall scenic spot is located 14 kilometers northwest of Jiayuguan city and 8 kilometers from the Jiayu Pass.

The Cantilever Great Wall and Shiguanxia (Stone Pass Gorge) Great Wall, the major parts of the west end of the Great Wall, were built in 1540, during the reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Nearly 500 meters in length, the Shiguanxia Great Wall is at the south of the gorge, running from east to west.

The Cantilever Great Wall, 750 meters long, can be found at the north of the gorge stretching from south to north. The wall is cliffy and is known as "West Badaling" (a section of the Great Wall so named because it extends in all directions). The two sections of the Great Wall form an arching guard to the entrance of the Shiguanxia Pass. 

China's No. 1 Pier 

China's No. 1 Pier lies at the southernmost end of the Great Wall of Jiayu Pass, and is the westernmost point of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). 

Ticket prices

Jiayu Pass charges different ticket prices in off season and peak season.

Peak season: May 1 to October 31

Off season: November 1 to April 30 (next year)

Full price for peak season: 110 yuan/person 

Half price for peak season: 55 yuan/person

Full price for off season: 80 yuan/person 

Half price for off season: 45 yuan/person

Preferential policy

1. Half price tickets are sold to

Juveniles aged 6 to 18, above 1.2 m in height.

Seniors aged 60-69 (with an ID card and elderly treatment certificate)

Full time undergraduates and below (with valid registered student card)

2. Free tickets are sold to

Children under 6, below 1.2 m in height.

Seniors aged over 69 with an ID card and elderly treatment certificate, and retired cadres.

Servicemen (with military officer card or other soldier's card, excluding nonmilitary personnel) and retired military cadres with a retirement certificate issued by the army. 

The disabled (with an ID card and related disability certificate)

Journalists (with press card)

Tour guides (with guide's certificate, travel agency's delegation order and tour plan)

Open times


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