Zhangye express industry sees small peak

gogansu.com | Updated: 2024-01-15


A view of the distribution center of China Post's branch in Zhangye, Gansu. [Photo provided to gogansu.com]

Zhangye in Northwest China's Gansu province has welcomed a small peak in the express delivery industry.

On Jan 9, the fully automated sorting system at China Post's distribution center in Zhangye was efficiently processing parcels, directing each item to its designated track for systematic delivery to various express delivery stations.

The distribution center, operational since November 2023, handles parcel distribution for five cities in the western region of Gansu (Wuwei, Zhangye, Jinchang, Jiuquan, and Jiayuguan).

Since the Double Eleven (November 11) shopping festival in 2023, the center has been managing a daily volume of approximately 200,000 parcels, ensuring accurate and timely delivery during peak time, ultimately reaching consumers' hands.

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