Ice and snow warm up winter tourism in Tibetan township | Updated: 2023-01-09


People wrestle with each other at the Wenshu Mountain Ski Resort in Sunan Yugu autonomous county, Zhangye, Gansu province, on Jan 7. [Photo by Wang Jiang]

The 4th Wenshu Mountain Snow and Ice Cultural Tourism Festival kicked off on Jan 7 in Sunan Yugu autonomous county, Zhangye, Gansu province, in a bid to build itself into an influential winter tourism destination.

A series of ice and snow activities, including snow wrestling and ice slides, were held for the general public. On the same day, some Tibetan township residents performed Guozhuang dance, a favorite collective bonfire dance of Tibetans, allowing them to show respect and reverence to nature.

With its rich natural landscapes and Tibetan-style tourist attractions, Sunan Yugur autonomous county’s ice and snow leisure tourism was a hit, and stimulated the consumption of food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment in the local area.

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