CPC welcomes, maintains friendly interaction with rest of the world: spokesman

Cao Desheng | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-10-15

The Communist Party of China does not draw ideological lines in its external relations with the rest of the world and political parties, regardless of their nationality and ideological background, are welcome to conduct friendly relations with it, said Sun Yeli, spokesman for the 20th CPC National Congress, at a press conference on Saturday.

Over the years, in the spirit of equality, mutual respect and non-interference, the CPC has engaged in extensive interactions with friendly political parties and organizations of all countries, gaining more friends all over the world, Sun said.

So far, the CPC has maintained contact with over 600 political parties and organizations from more than 170 countries, he said.

"These party-to-party relations have contributed to our relations with the relevant countries and brought all of us closer to each other," Sun said.

Sun noted that the CPC has all along attached importance to interactions with Marxist parties in other countries.

"Through exchanges on theory and policy dialogue, we have explored together the socialist development path in light of our respective national conditions and the way to adapt Marxism to the national context and the needs of our times," he added.