Meet Lanzhou section of Yellow River from an aerial view | Updated: 2022-04-21


Lanzhou is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, to the west of the Loess Plateau. The Yellow River flows from the southwest to the northeast, crossing the whole city, and there are numerous bridges across the river here.

The Zhongshan Bridge, built in 1909, is the oldest bridge in Lanzhou and the first real bridge over the 5,464-kilometer-long Yellow River. Therefore, it is known as "the first bridge spanning the Yellow River under Heaven". Meanwhile, the Shen'an Bridge and Yuantong Bridge are modern bridges built in the 21st century. These three bridges not only bring convenience to urban traffic but are also three beautiful scenic spots over the Yellow River.

Lanzhou is also known as "a city of water wheels". A waterwheel is an ancient facility for water conservancy. Lanzhou water wheel, with its unique manufacturing technology, was invented by Duan Xu, a native of Lanzhou during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The waterwheel uses the natural power of the Yellow River's flow to irrigate nearby farmland. Come to the Lanzhou Waterwheel Park and see the reconstructed Lanzhou Waterwheels!

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