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Fujian welcomes Spring Festival with over 2,300 events

gofujian.com.cn | Updated: 2024-01-31

During the upcoming Spring Festival, Fujian is set to host its 2024 Spring Festival-themed cultural and tourism activities. This province-wide celebration will feature more than 2,300 events, over 260 preferential policies, and 10 high-quality winter tourism routes.

In a press conference held on Jan 29 by the Information Office of the Fujian Provincial People's Government, it was announced that the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has launched the annual "Cultural tourism connects thousands, blessings spread across Fujian" event to boost cultural and tourism consumption.

This initiative, employing a "1+N" and "Province + city and county" model, will feature traditional opera performances, local cuisine and customs, intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, and more, with the goal of enhancing the allure and competitiveness of Fujian, the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road.

The "Happy Chinese New Year" activities serve as the prelude to the "Cultural tourism connects thousands, blessings spread across Fujian" event, encompassing cultural performances, intangible cultural heritage preservation, mass cultural activities, cultural and historical exhibitions, beneficial policies, and more.

Cultural and tourism departments across the province have meticulously planned a rich array of Spring Festival cultural and tourism activities. For instance, Zhangzhou will present nearly a hundred diverse traditional Minnan cultural activities, while Putian will offer a variety of events, such as the Mazu Golden Body Patrol, providing visitors with a full experience of the traditional culture's festive atmosphere and unique charm.

Various regions across the province have also taken measures to promote cultural and tourism consumption during the Spring Festival. For example, Wuyishan, the main scenic spot in Nanping, will offer free admission to domestic tourists until the end of April, and Xiamen will distribute millions of yuan in consumer vouchers. Additionally, visitors born in the Year of the Dragon can enjoy free admission by presenting their ID cards in Sanming.

Furthermore, Fujian province has launched 10 high-quality tourism routes, including the intangible cultural heritage Spring Festival tour, a Spring Festival tea tasting tour, and more.

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