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    China's path to modernization inspires the world: FM


    China's path to modernization is an important source of inspiration for the world as it is not based on war, colonization, or plundering, Foreign Minister Qing Gang said at a press conference on Tuesday during the first session of the 14th National People's Congress.

  • Fuzhou helps Taiwan people settle on mainland


    Wang Ting-wei, from Taiwan, got a new job last month as an assistant to the director of a community designated for Taiwan compatriots in Fuzhou, Fujian province, the first such community on the Chinese mainland.

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    Modern cultivation techniques bearing fruit in mountain village


    Changkou is growing wealthy on a range of produce, from oranges to traditional vegetables, and carbon credits.

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    Highlights of 2023 Fujian Provincial Government Work Report


    Here are some highlights of the 2023 Fujian Provincial Government Work Report, including the province’s major achievements in 2022 and over the past five years, as well as its targets for 2023.

  • Fujian sets 6% GDP growth target


    East China's Fujian province's gross domestic product (GDP) was initially estimated to have surpassed 5 trillion yuan ($739.92 billion) in 2022 and the province has set a GDP growth target of around 6 percent for 2023.