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Development Zone and Legal District moving up

By Wang Jinhui | China Daily | Updated: 2023-11-29

The Xiamen Torch Development Zone for High Technology Industries in Xiamen city, Fujian province, is ramping up efforts to innovate services, implement various enterprise-friendly policies and enhance its growing soft power of the optimized business environment.

This year, the zone has issued preferential policies as well as subsidies and gathered more than 400 domestic providers in intelligent manufacturing to offer upgraded services for enterprises in the park, ranging from products to overall solutions, in the form of an "online supermarket". Xiamen Huadian Switchgear is one of the beneficiaries.

Li Gen, who is responsible for the company's information systems department, said that thanks to the free diagnosis services provided by the zone's intelligent manufacturing service platform, the production efficiency of the company's devices has increased by 50 percent.

As of September, the platform has collected 947 demands from enterprises for intelligent manufacturing transformation and launched 487 projects in total.

The zone has also built a financial service platform to grant matched loans totaling some 31.38 billion yuan ($4.39 billion) to more than 2,000 enterprises in the park.

A typical example of the zone's digital services is the Policy Implementation Intelligent Approval System developed by DataExa, in which personnel can complete self-service applications, error corrections and document supplementation through mobile phones or computers, and have the matter resolved on the spot.

"Thanks to efficient and convenient government services and a favorable business environment, our company has grown rapidly from a small startup to a global leading silicon carbide epitaxy company," said Hong Tu, secretary of the board of directors of Epiworld International.

Under digital empowerment, the zone has conducted more than 570 visits to enterprises this year and held about 60 activities such as industrial docking, policy promotion and financial partnering, facilitating more than 30 project intentions.

Xiamen is one of the first national demonstration cities for the development of a rule-of-law government.

Xiamen regards the construction of the Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District as an important part of accelerating urban development transformation, creating a new development pattern for hub cities and leveraging the advantages of the special economic zone to innovate in the field of rule of law construction, according to a representative from the leading group for the Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District.

Since its establishment in 2021, the Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District has been committed to building a modern and international legal service hub and has made progress in achieving this.

Statistics show the Xiamen area of the Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District has gathered more than 150 legal service institutions and some 2,000 professional legal personnel, providing legal services to more than 15,000 enterprises and about 1 million people.

3.pngThe Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District FTZ Pilot zone. CHINA DAILY

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