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Great places to visit in Xiamen

fao.xm.gov.cn | Updated: 2023-02-20

As the temperature continues to rise, people in Xiamen are eager to get outside to embrace the spring weather. Listed below are some places worth visiting.

Known as the city's "green lung", Wuyuan bay wetland park is the largest ecological park in Xiamen. Currently, different colors of galsang flowers are blooming in patches at the park. While walking along the boardwalks, which are designed to form a maze, visitors can feast their eyes on tall green trees, the delicately planted grass and black swans.


Black swans swim in the lake at Wuyuan bay wetland park. [Photo/WeChat account: visitxm]

Guanyin Mountain Coastline is a coffee house located by the sea. Visitors can appreciate the beauty of the blue sea and search for peace while listening to the soft sounds of the waves and sipping a tasty cup of coffee at the coffee house.


Guanyin Mountain Coastline. [Photo/WeChat account: visitxm]

Hitel, which was a cigarette factory in the 1980s, is the most popular comprehensive cultural and creative industrial park in Xiamen. In the northern area of the park, lies a three-story building, which is an internet celebrity coffee house decorated with old green boilers. Up to now, a number of famous television dramas have been shot here, including Reset and Under the Skin.


A coffee house in the northern part of Hitel, a cultural and creative industrial park, is decorated with old green boilers. [Photo/WeChat account: visitxm]

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