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Fujian photo exhibition opens in Stockholm, Sweden

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-09-16


People from all walks of life visit the photo exhibition showcasing the profound history, culture and stunning natural scenery in Fujian province at the China Cultural Center in Stockholm, Sweden. [Photo/WeChat account: fjswhhlyt]

A photo exhibition showing the beauty of Fujian province kicked off on Sept 9 at the China Cultural Center in Stockholm, Sweden, attracting around 80 people, including Swedish and overseas Chinese from all walks of life, to the opening ceremony.

The exhibition presents 36 carefully chosen photographs of the world heritage sites, national 5A and 4A scenic spots, intangible cultural heritage items, folk cultures, and traditional crafts of Fujian, illuminating the province's rich history and culture as well as its breathtaking natural surroundings.

At the opening ceremony, a tourism promotion video showcasing five distinctive tour routes in the province of Fujian was also shown. The video features excursions to learn about tea, tulou - circular Hakka home structures made from natural materials, cultural streets and alleys, the Maritime Silk Road, and villages with a strong "fu" culture.

The photo exhibition and the tourism promotion video will last until Oct 31.

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