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Best time to visit Fujian

Updated: 2019-07-05

The best time to travel in Fujian is in autumn and winter, especially Sept to Dec. Overall, however, Fujian can be a perfect place to go all the year round.

Travel to Fujian in spring

Spring (March to May) in Fujian generally is rainy season with average temperature 8.7~26.5 ºC. In this season, everywhere is full of green, you'd better go to a town or a garden to see the green plants. 

•Furuta:Located in Shanghang county, it is both a full of rural appeal town, is a special revolution site.

•Wanshi Botanical Garden: Located in Xiamen, it is a garden with more than floral regions and exhibition rooms showing hemp palm, orchid, bonsai, medical plant and so on.

•Geshikao Forest Park: Located in Sanming, it is the world's largest natural evergreen chinquapin forest.

Travel to Fujian in summer

Summer (June to Aug) in Fujian is too hot with average temperature 24.1~28.8 ºC. However, you can enjoy the sunshine near the sea or enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in a mountain.

•Gulangyu Island: Located in Xiamen, it is a halcyon, grace and fascinating place with sunshine and music.

•Mount Wuyi: Located in the junction of Fujian and Jiangxi, it is a famous scenic spot with red cliff, lofty peaks, meander, a deep and secluded valley, caves and fantastic rock peaks.

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