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Public Administration and Human Resources

The e-government and its development in foreign countries


Through modern information technology the e-government changes the administrative business of the government and becomes a new way of government administration.

Major issues in the implementation of the south-to-north water diversion project


As a complicated and huge system engineering undertaking, tile south-to-north water diversion project will generate profound and lasting impact on tile economic and social development as well as on the ecological environment.

The strategic thinking over developing the health care industry in China by grasping the opportunity arising from the WTO accession


The paper expounds that the WTO accession represents a significant progress in China's participation in the economic globalization.

Experience of Developed Countries in Treating Air Pollution


The recent wide range of haze in China has grabbed extensive attention.China is advised to make a top-level plan for air pollution treatment.

French Think-tank Development, Enlightenment and Suggestions


This report introduces the development, classification, characteristics, functions and operating mechanisms of French think-tanks, as well as the operations of the French Institute for International Relations.

Speed up Reform of Talent Development Mechanisms and Policy Innovation – Zhongguancun’s Methods in Building a Special Talent Zone


China urgently needs to shift and upgrade its demographic dividends into human resources dividends.Zhongguancun has taken the lead in its talent system and mechanism construction.

Introduction and Characteristics of British Think-tanks and Methods to Construct China’s Think-tanks


The research fellows of the DRC summarized the British think-tanks'characteristics, and made suggestiongs on Chian's think-tanks' development.