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China’s Urban Development in the New Era: Difficulties and Countermeasures (No.308, 2021)

Dec 16,2021

By Sun Xuan, Research Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.308, 2021 (Total 6373) 2021-10-22

Abstract: Since the launch of reform and opening-up, China’s urbanization has surged forward with great momentum, showing a magnificent scale in the world urban development history. China’s urbanization rate in terms of residential population exceeded 60 per cent in 2019, marking that China’s urbanization drive had entered the mid-to-late period with profound changes taken place in urban development compared with the early period. In the new era, in spite of the new progress made in urban development, China is still facing some issues to be addressed such as inadequate surveys on various issues relating to city development, unbalanced urban growth, and insufficient capability for refined urban management, among others. Urban development should not only resolve the problems loomed up in the course of urbanization, but also focus on its inherent problems, in a bid to explore a new path for intensive and high-quality development. In response to the existing problems in urban development, it is necessary to make an overall review of city development (known as city physical checkup) and find out whether city development is based on proper development factors. Such a work will enable us to push ahead with city development in a normal, resilient and eco-friendly manner.

Keywords: new era of development, urban development, difficulties and countermeasures