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High-Quality Public Services are the Internal Driving Force of High-Quality Development -- Pilot experience gained by Weicheng district, Weifang city, Shandong province (No.295, 2021)

Dec 08,2021

By Li Bu, Chen Tiebao, China Economic Times & Ji Jingyao, Academy of Macroeconomic Research

Research Report, No.295, 2021 (Total 6360) 2021-10-12

Abstract: The high-quality public service is an inherent requirement to foster a new development paradigm. Some local governments have made positive explorations in providing high-quality public services with various methods. For instance, they build a leisure time education system to reduce the burden on families; provide preventive services such as free vaccine inoculations against COVID-19 pandemic to build up people’s health; promote high-quality and full employment, increase vocational training to enable migrant workers to adapt to the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones and to allow them to subscribe to basic medical insurance through various ways; encourage public participation and make joint efforts to promote the renovation of old residential houses; push ahead with grid governance model, give free rein to mass organizations to ensure public security and effectively improve the efficiency of social governance at grassroots level. In view of the above-mentioned facts, we need to summarize local experience, encourage local governments to set targets in a scientific way, provide high-quality public services, change the old way of making input, improve financial performance, enhance public participation, give full play to the role of people’s suggestions, mass supervision and mutual assistance, and strengthen data collection and scientific evaluation of local explorations to provide more references for making public service policies.

Keywords: high-quality public services, high-quality development, local practice