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What Would Be OECD’s Attitude towards China after Mathias Cormann Won OECD Leadership Race: Pros and Cons (No.291, 2021)

Dec 08,2021

By Feng Wei, International Cooperation Bureau, DRC

Research Report, No.291, 2021 (Total 6356) 2021-9-30

Abstract: Mathias Cormann, former Australia’s finance minister, took office as the 6th secretary general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in June 2021. He received wide support in running for OECD leadership, especially from the U.S. and Australia. After he took office, OECD will focus on the formulation of international rules in four major areas, global representative development, and the implementation of regulations and policies, all of which require the support from China. Besides, cooperation between the OECD and China will be impacted by its major member countries, and the impacts imposed by the U.S. will be deeper. We need to enhance the cooperation across the board with the OECD in areas with common concerns, strengthen the overall planning and cooperation between both sides, actively get involved in the OECD’s formulation of rules in four major areas including digital economy, climate change, global business and trade and development assistance, take positive initiative to respond the reasonable appeals of Mathias Cormann on relevant issues, lay emphasis on the role of the OECD as a platform center for development and pay close attention to the future performance of the OECD in participating in the Blue Dot Network project launched by the U.S., Japan and Australia.

Keywords: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mathias Cormann, international rules, the U.S.