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The Development Strategy of Shenzhen in Building the City into One of the Global Model Cities (No.300, 2021)

Dec 08,2021

By Qian Cheng & Zhao Zheng, Research Team on “The Development Strategy of Shenzhen in Building the City into One of the Global Model Cities”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.300, 2021 (Total 6365) 2021-10-18

Abstract: The essential goal of Shenzhen is to build the city into one of the global model cities as well as a pioneering pilot socialist city with Chinese characteristics. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that Shenzhen should implement a more open talent policy and attract and cultivate high-caliber professionals from across the world for the building of socialism. To build the city into a global model city, Shenzhen needs to bring in talented personnel, develop an environment favorable for their work, and innovate talent strategies. Based on the survey findings in Shenzhen and a comparative study of major cities in the world, this paper raises some talent strategies for Shenzhen in building itself into one of the model cities in the world. It needs to innovate the strategy of population structure to properly control the size and density of population and optimize the age and employment structure to maintain the vitality of the population. It needs to innovate the strategy of pooling talents, optimize the environment for employment and business startups, accelerate the reform of personnel and talent system, increase residents’ income and labor productivity, and build a high-quality and balanced public service system. In addition, it needs to innovate the strategy for bringing in international talents, cultivate an open and inclusive environment, boost the flow of human resources, expand the opening up of the labor market, and refine talents introduction plan.

Keywords: global model city, talent strategy, Shenzhen as a model city, international comparisons