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Improve China’s Childbirth Supportive and Incentive Policy System in Light of International Experience and Lessons (No.298, 2021)

Dec 08,2021

By Wang Weijin & Wang Yizhi, Research Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.298, 2021 (Total 6363) 2021-10-15

Abstract: Along with the advancement of modernization, many countries face a declining birth rate and population aging. To ensure sustainable economic and social development, different countries have adopted a series of childbirth incentive measures focusing on economic rewards, public services and labor employment. In terms of incentive effects, most countries’ population crisis has not yet been resolved due to excessive pursuit of population growth, sluggish endeavor and inadequate public services and supportive employment policies. But some countries have made certain progress thanks to reasonable combination of economic incentives, public services and employment policies. In response to China’s lowering childbirth rate and in order to realize sustainable population development, it is necessary for us to take a holistic approach toward economic subsidies, public services and employment and relevant childbirth incentives, increase fiscal and health care resource input, intensify public service support, develop the old-age care industry, and formulate a reasonable household responsibility sharing mechanism in a bid to comprehensively enhance China’s childbirth supportive policy system.

Keywords: childbirth, childbirth incentives, economic incentives, public service and labor employment