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The Promotion of Ecological Conservation and High-Quality Development of the Upper Reaches of the Yellow River: Major Issues and Tailored Policy Measures (No.288, 2021)

Nov 30,2021

By Sun Junshan, Shi Shujie & Hou Yongzhi, Research Team on “The General Approach and Strategic Focus on Ecological Conservation and High-Quality Development of the Yellow River Basin”, Research Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.288, 2021 (Total 6353) 2021-9-27

Abstract: The upper reaches of the Yellow River have a significant position in national ecological security and coordinated development. The upper reaches are composed of three sections, namely the river source section, the valley section and the alluvial plain section, each with its distinctive natural endowments and economic and social development features. It is necessary to identify the major issues of different sections in a bid to precisely advance ecological conservation and high-quality development with tailored policy measures and in lean manners. The river source section boasts abundant ecological resources and takes an important place in environmental protection, but it has weak natural conditions with sluggish economic development. Therefore, we need to focus on ecological conservation while striking a balance between ecological conservation, economic growth and livelihood improvement. The valley section has rich clean energy resources and relevant foundation for manufacturing and research & development, but there remain multiple restraints in exploiting the clean energy and bottleneck obstacles hindering manufacturing and emerging industries. With regard to this section, we need to focus on developing clean energy industries and work on building a modern industrial system. The alluvial plain section is flanked by some large and medium-sized cities with a large population. The scattered deserts around the section tighten the supply of water resources. Therefore, we need to focus on spatial concentration and fuel the local development in a concentrated, clustered and intensive manner.

Keywords: ecological conservation, high-quality development, major issues, tailored policies, the upper reaches of the Yellow River