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The POD Model Provides a New Approach to Public Facility Financing (No.268, 2021)

Nov 11,2021

By Li Zuojun, Research Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC; Liu Shuai, Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences under Ministry of Finance

Research Report, No.268, 2021 (Total 6333) 2021-9-15

Abstract: The public-interest-oriented POD (Public-Oriented Development) model is an innovative approach to overcoming financing difficulty of public facilities, which holds significance to improving and enriching public goods. POD models originate from developing urban complexes and are emerging in different fields in which the public-transit-oriented TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) model is relatively mature. As POD models are still in the exploratory phase, a series of problems remain to be solved such as how to delineate the boundaries of public welfare programs, how to transform public facilities into projects, how to define the scope of profit related to public welfare projects, how to assess the added value and benefits brought by public welfare projects for the relevant profitable projects, how to design the interest distribution mechanism for both types of projects, and how to formulate the laws, standards and policies for implementing the POD model. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate top-level design and pilot projects for the POD models, establish a system of laws and standards for regulated development of POD models, formulate assessment methods for POD project values, and encourage the exploration of organizing means for projects.

Keywords: POD model, public affairs, financing difficulty