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The Building of China’s Hydrographic Museum Could Inject Cultural Impetus into Ecological Civilization (No.258, 2021)

Nov 09,2021

By Wang Haiqin, Gao Shiji, Huang Junyong, Luo Dongmei, Li Weiming, Niu Xiong & Lv Hong, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.258, 2021 (Total 6323) 2021-9-10

Abstract: Hydrography serves as a fundamental public welfare undertaking for a country’s economic and social development as well as the foundation of ecological civilization building. China has a long hydrographic history, but its unique hydrographic science, splendid hydrographic achievements, the spirit of devotion dedicated to hydrographic culture, and especially the hydrographic heritage that condenses rich ecological philosophy are not yet widely known by the public. The building of hydrographic museum at home is an important measure to strengthen hydrography publicity, carry forward ecological culture and advance ecological civilization building. As people are interested in hydrography for a better understanding of related knowledge, the building of a national hydrographic museum will also gain their support. China’s hydrographic museum will focus on communicating and studying Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, the studying of hydrographic science, providing popular science lectures, and strengthening people’s awareness of ecological civilization and knowledge about natural sciences. It is advisable to build China’s hydrographic museum in hydrographic heritage sites with unique cultural relics and remarkable properties of cultural legacy, where the culture and history of hydrography would be arranged on display. By so doing, it is believed that an intelligent and eco-friendly museum would be built in line with people’s high expectations.

Keywords: hydrographic museum, ecological civilization, Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization