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Carbon Sequestration in Farming Soil and the Realization of Dual-Carbon Goals No.255, 2021(No.255, 2021)

Nov 09,2021

By Wang Yufei, Management World Magazine

Research Report, No.255, 2021 (Total 6320) 2021-9-9

Abstract: Farming soil carbon sequestration (hereinafter referred to as SCS) not only helps with the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, but also contributes to agricultural sustainable development by increasing the content of soil organic matters. It could win a buffer period of 10 to 20 years for realizing the dual-carbon goals (see note) before large-scale carbon reduction and breakthroughs made in carbon sequestration technology. Hence, the French Government has launched the Four Per Mille Initiative, calling on the international community to actively get involved in SCS project which has gained support from many countries. In light of China’s performance, the serious loss of organic matters in the soil has proved its great potential for carbon sequestration. With regard to issues relating to food safety and farmland protection, the government has already taken SCS measures by adopting protective farming technologies and relevant means. Since the dual-carbon goal was proposed, the multiple effects of agricultural SCS need to be fully understood and correspondingly, pertinent countermeasures need to be adjusted in time. To this end, this paper offers the following policy options. One, proactive work needs to be done to push ahead with the SCS-related international cooperation featuring the Four Per Mille Initiative. Two, the job needs to focus on basic scientific research and policy options. Three, SCS needs to be taken as the major measure for farming soil to realize the dual-carbon goal including carbon peak and carbon neutrality. In addition, SCS is an important move to improve the quality and efficiency of agro-farming in a coordinated manner.

Keywords: farming soil carbon sequestration, dual-carbon goal, Four Per Mille Initiative

Note: The dual-carbon goals refer to the fact that China will make efforts to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality i.e. the realization of net zero carbon emissions by 2060