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Enable Innovative Development of Manufacturing Industry through Targeted and Inclusive Policies (No.233, 2021)

Oct 29,2021

By Lv Wei, Research Department of Innovation Development, DRC

Research Report, No.233, 2021 (Total 6298) 2021-8-31

Abstract: Innovation is the primary driver for development while manufacturing industry is the main force for advancing technological innovation. China is a major manufacturer in the world, but it is large in quantity and weak in quality, and its innovation capacity cannot meet the needs of building China into a manufacturing power. At present, the manufacturing industry has entered the critical period of improving quality and efficiency, and it must rely on innovation to propel the construction of building China into a manufacturing power. Based on the national enterprise innovation survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics over the years, this paper dynamically analyzes the main factors affecting the innovation of China’s manufacturing enterprises, the key problems they face, and the implementation effect of the current innovation policy, and puts forward policy options for improving and implementing the innovation policy. Research findings show that the main factors affecting manufacturing enterprises' innovation are talent shortage, high innovation cost and low policy penetration rate. In the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, as well as fierce international competition, we need to take innovation demand as the major task, accurately formulate relevant policies, improve the penetration rate of policies, intensify implementation efforts, effectively create an ecological environment conducive to manufacturing innovation, entrust more power to enterprises to make innovations and guide various factors to pool into innovative enterprises.

Keywords: manufacturing industry, innovation policy, influencing factors, transformation and upgrading