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Measures to Shore up Brand Marketing through E-commerce Livestreaming to Advance the Healthy Development of New Consumer Economy (No.226, 2021)

Oct 19,2021

By Xu Yue, Personnel Bureau of General Office, DRC

Research Report, No.226, 2021 (Total 6291) 2021-8-24

Abstract: With the rapid development of new consumer economy, a number of new brands have emerged through e-commerce livestreaming with goods recommended by TV hosts. Because of its rapid growth, high market activity and large transaction volume, e-commerce livestreaming has played an important role in innovating consumption models, promoting business transformation and upgrading, increasing varieties, nurturing brands and improving quality of manufacturing industry, as well as improving the industrial chain and supply chain systems. However, it is facing some problems such as over-reliance on recommendations by TV hosts, low brand recognition and repurchase rate, unsustainable market innovation and weak leading capabilities, the lack of a more unified industry standard and insufficient supply chain resilience. The policy options for addressing these issues are as follows. We need to make relevant policies to bolster brand marketing through e-commerce livestreaming, actively cultivate and effectively manage e-commerce livestreaming brands, promote the docking of brand marketing with technological innovation platforms to improve the level of brand innovation and development, work to achieve coordinated development of brand marketing with manufacturing enterprises, strengthen the construction of industry standard systems, and encourage companies to raise global presence. Through providing support, guidance and proper regulations, we could ensure the healthy and steady growth of e-commerce livestreaming and brand marketing, help new consumer economy to make innovation-oriented development, foster new growth drivers for the industry, and promote high-quality development of the real economy.

Keywords: brand marketing through e-commerce livestreaming, new consumer economy, policy options