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Restrictions on Export of Agricultural Product amid COVID-19 Epidemic: Impacts and Policy Options (No.213, 2021)

Sep 24,2021

By Sheng Caijiao, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, DRC & Tian Zhongta, Research Center of the General Administration of Customs

Research Report, No.213, 2021 (Total 6278) 2021-8-3

Abstract: Since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, many countries have promulgated policies on export restrictions of agricultural products for national food security. Compared with the pre-epidemic period, the export restrictions are more frequently introduced, involving more countries and regions and covering more types of commodities. The restrictive measures have become more stringent, which are mostly rolled out in the same period and some are still valid till now. As a result, the global grain supply as well as the production of feed grains and downstream products in China have been greatly affected. Chinese multinational grain enterprises face rising difficulties in purchasing overseas resources and importing related seeds. Along with the further opening up of China’s agricultural industry, the import channels of agricultural products will become more diversified. To prevent possible negative impacts induced by international restrictions on agricultural product export, China needs to make forward-looking planning and adopt multiple measures including promoting high-level opening-up for agricultural sector, developing diversified agricultural product supportive system, stepping up innovation-based development of the seed industry, enhancing international agricultural cooperation, supporting Chinese multinational grain business operators, and participating in global agricultural governance proactively so as to meet upgraded domestic demands and ensure food security.

Keywords: international agricultural products, restrictions on export, grain security