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Keep Improving China’s Business Environment by Focusing on Key Indicators of Business Convenience
--Major Experience and Inspiration of Shanghai in optimizing its Business Environment (No.12, 2019)

Apr 02,2019

By Ma Xiaobai & Long Haibo, Research Team on “Shanghai’s Business Environment from A Global Perspective”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report, No.12, 2019 (Total 5512) 2019-1-25

Abstract: According to the report Doing Business 2019 released by the World Bank, China’s business environment ranks in the top 50 for the first time. This is because the sample cities represented by Shanghai have been committed to strengthening their business environment reforms. The main measures are made as follows: “unified government service” and “simple-permission” are carried out for business start-ups; the classification criteria for different investment projects is put into practice and joint examination and approval is adopted; all businesses are handled in one window in the power enterprises so that people can enjoy one-stop service; and the efficiency of customs clearance is improved through building world-class ports. In order to further improve China’s business environment, we need not only focus on key indicators such as the convenience of doing business, but also transform government functions. Firstly, the re-shaping of the examination and approval process should focus on the needs of enterprises and the masses to reduce similar and repetitive administrative documents. Secondly, the key to the implementation of “one-network-for-all” service lies in the integration of various government service platforms. Thirdly, with the concept of “sharing on demand”, data collection and connection shall be realized gradually. Fourthly, we need to continue to optimize government services in the spirit of “serving”.

Key words: business convenience, business environment, major experience, Shanghai