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On Further Advancing the Mixed Ownership Reform(No.40, 2018)

Apr 16,2018

By Xiang Anbo, Research Team on “The Development of Mixed Ownership Economy”, DRC

Research Report, No.40, 2018 (Total 5315) 2018-3-5

Abstract: Facts based on the past 30 years’ corporate performance, theoretical study results and policy research findings show that China’s mixed ownership development is neither a kind of transitional measure due to no alternative nor a short-term move, but a positive reform endeavor for a long-term development. To construct an economic pattern of coordinated and shared development for both state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and private companies, the mixed ownership reform needs to be advanced in lockstep with improving the state assets management mechanism, enhancing the protection of intellectual property rights and releasing people’s potential. Through mixed ownership reform, the enterprise needs to transform and flesh out the operation mechanism and leverage the advantages of the reform to the full. Otherwise, projected progress or effects would be hard to be met. The mixed ownership has gained a foundation for strategic and comprehensive implementation. In the next step, we need to focus on optimizing the shareholding structure, enhancing the mixed ownership reform mechanism and improving the measures for further reform so as to cultivate an incentive and restraint mechanism. It is also necessary to make relevant supportive policies to ward off potential risks and negative effects and ensure that the mixed ownership reform is truly carried out.

Key words: state-owned enterprises, the mixed ownership, reform