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Beijing E-Town awards 25 foreign-funded R&D centers 50 million yuan

Updated: 2024-05-17

Beijing E-Town has recently rewarded 25 foreign-funded R&D centers a total of 50 million yuan ($6.93 million) in financial aid to further support their development. They are the R&D centers recognized at the municipal level.

This funding is to be distributed proportionately over a period of three years, with 20 million yuan already disbursed to the companies.

"We were recognized as a foreign-funded R&D center in Beijing at the end of last year and got the financial award from Beijing E-Town this April, which will assist our product development, clinical research and other areas," a representative of Acotec Scientific Holdings Limited said.


A researcher conducts experiments in a foreign-funded R&D center in Beijing E-Town [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

As a global leader in innovative medical technology, Acotec focuses on the research and application of technology platforms in the field of vascular interventional therapy.

"We are thankful to Beijing E-Town for supporting our R&D work. This award was granted through a 'no-application, immediate-reward' process, making it very convenient and allowing us to concentrate more on the innovative product development work and accelerate product commercialization," said Zhang Chenhui, business development manager at Synaptic Medical Technology (Beijing) Co.

In early February, Synaptic Medical's atrial septal puncture guidewire AccuSafeTM was approved for market sales, opening up a new integrated track for atrial septal "puncture + guidewire."

Additionally, key foreign-funded enterprises in the area such as AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co, Pony.ai, Beijing ABB Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Co, Aienkang Clinical Medical Research (Beijing) Co, and Beijing Singu Keller Automotive Cold Forming Parts Inc, have all benefited from this policy.

Currently, Beijing E-Town hosts over 1,200 foreign-funded enterprises from more than 60 countries and regions, with 157 projects invested by 102 Fortune 500 companies.