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Updated: 2021-03-04

Archives Center

Tel: 010-67869592

Bureau of Business and Cooperation

Tel: 010-67881316

Bureau of Business and Finance

Tel: 010-87246101

Bureau of City Operation

Tel: 010-67879655

Bureau of Economy and Development

Tel: 010-67880176

Bureau of Exploitation and Construction

Tel: 010-67880187

Bureau of Finance Audit

Tel: 010-67880043

Bureau of Government Review and Approval

Tel: 010-67881315

Bureau of Law Enforcement

Tel: 010-67881491

Bureau of Technology and Innovation

Tel: 010-67880357

Bureau of Social Undertakings

Tel: 010-67880347

Department of Organization and Personnel

Tel: 010-67880163

Department of Publicity and Culture

Tel: 010-67880171

Discipline Inspection Commission

Tel: 010-67881228

Financial Settlement Center

Tel: 010-67882040

Government Service Center

Tel: 010-64757653

Industrial Policy Research Institute

Tel: 010-67881981

Labor Dispute Arbitration Court

Tel: 010-86355977

Labor Union

Tel: 010-67880166

Land Reserves and Construction Service Center

Tel: 010-67888727

Party Committee

Tel: 010-67885701

Party and government Office

Tel: 010-67881478

Party-masses Service Center

Tel: 010-87925305

Public Resources Management and Service Center

Tel: 010-67885540

Social Insurance Security Center

Tel: 010-86355977