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Cross-strait journalists visit Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2024-05-14

Journalists across the Taiwan Strait recently participated in a joint interview event in Beijing E-Town. 

They visited the Beijing High-Level Automated Driving Demonstration Area Innovation Operation Center, Pro-Health (China) Co, Ubtech Robotics Corp, Cross-Strait Technology Innovation Center, and JD Health, experiencing innovations such as automated driving, robotics, and AR glasses.

The interview team included resident journalists from Taiwan in Beijing, as well as reporters from Xinhua News Agency Beijing Branch, People's Daily, China News Service, and other media outlets.


Journalists across the Taiwan Strait visit Beijing E-Town.[Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

During the visits, the interview team conducted exclusive interviews with representatives of Taiwanese-funded enterprises in Beijing. The business environment in Beijing E-Town, which attracts and supports the implementation of innovative achievements, emerged as a significant highlight.

"Deciding to move to Beijing E-Town over 20 years ago aligned with our company's technological development goals," responded Li Dao, chairman of Pro-Health (China) Co, when asked by the interview team why they chose Beijing. 

Li started his entrepreneurial journey in Beijing as a young man from Taiwan 30 years ago, later establishing the Asia-Pacific Operation Headquarters of Pro-Health in E-Town, which integrates product development and production.

To better serve cross-strait technological and economic exchanges and cooperation, the nation's first Cross-Strait Technology Innovation Center has also been established in Beijing E-Town.

Beijing Ruiaixin Biomedical Technology Co settled in E-Town last December and was among the first companies to enter the center. 

"As a biopharmaceutical company, we are very grateful for the comprehensive services provided by Beijing E-Town during the application and guidance process. Whenever we encountered a problem, there was someone available to assist us for free, and the response was very quick. Through the platform of the Cross-Strait Technology Innovation Center, I hope more young people from Taiwan will come here in the future, promoting cross-strait talent exchange, cooperation, and project implementation," said the company's General Manager Chen Jianxun.