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2024 Beijing AI Native Industry Innovation Conference held

Updated: 2024-04-10

The 2024 Beijing AI Native Industry Innovation Conference and the Beijing Data Infrastructure Pilot Zone Achievement Release Conference, themed "Data-driven, Shaping the Future Intelligence," were held in Beijing E-Town on March 29. 


The 2024 Beijing AI Native Industry Innovation Conference kicks off. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The conference unveiled policies for the AI native industry in the area, ignited the 3000P intelligent computing power of the public AI platform and put it into operation. It also inaugurated the Beijing Artificial Intelligence Data Training Base, released multiple innovative platforms, and implemented numerous key projects, leveraging AI to create a new quality of productivity as a "strong engine."

During the conference, Beijing E-Town released several policies on accelerating the development of AI Native Industry Innovation Hub. 

These policies propose 14 specific measures in six areas: empowering industrial development with computing power, constructing an efficient collaborative innovation system, building a high-level Beijing data infrastructure pilot zone, empowering and opening up AI application scenarios, creating an AI industry cluster and optimizing industrial development ecology.

Besides, the Beijing E-Town AI public computing power platform with a scale of 3000P (1P is approximately equal to a computing speed of 10 quadrillion calculations per second) officially lit up and was put into operation.

After that, the Beijing AI Native Industry Park, Beijing AI Open Source Community, and AI Native Entrepreneurship Accelerator were unveiled one after the other.

A batch of major projects were signed involving data operation, industry models, computing chip, and other subdivisions, shaping new dynamics and advantages for industrial development.

During the conference, led by the Beijing International Big Data Exchange and the Beijing Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, in collaboration with institutions such as the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100 high-quality datasets for large-scale AI models were released, with a total data volume exceeding 150PB.