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E-Town business area looks east

Updated: 2024-04-03

With an area of 43 hectares, Tongming Lake is embracing brand-new development opportunities. 

Tongming Lake Information City along the lake is being planned and constructed, while Tongming Lake Commercial Port is also under rapid construction, forming a fresh pattern of "E-Town Business Area Looking East."


Rendering of the future Tongming Lake Commercial Port [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

People's attitudes towards life and consumption preferences are undergoing changes, with more people heading outdoors.

Tongming Lake Commercial Port rises at such a background, timely integrating 250,000 square meters of commercial layout with the lake scenery naturally. 

The commercial forms blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, endowing the port with more characteristics of a "park-like business district."

According to current plans, the main commercial area of the port is built along the lake, consisting of three major sections: Vibrant Waterside, Business Waterside, and Technology Waterside.

In addition, with the gradual completion of Tongming Lake Information City, it is foreseeable that a large number of innovative enterprise employees will choose to settle around Tongming Lake in the next three to five years.

Tongming Lake Commercial Port, by creating a waterfront lifestyle, ensures multi-level consumption demands for parks, neighborhoods, and communities.

The future commercial port will be equipped with six major functional areas along the lake, including quality dining, business support, leisure entertainment, convenient facilities, technological experience, and cultural life. It will also feature rooftop gardens and other high-rise viewing areas.

Recognizing the changes in young people's lifestyle needs, the port is committed to creating a "10-minute living circle" for those living here. 

With the closeness of work areas, commercial zones, recreational areas, and scenic areas, it offers numerous conveniences in daily life. 

Shopping downstairs, pursuing careers upstairs, and enjoying beautiful scenery at a glance... Whether it's watching movies, listening to operas, or attending performances, it takes only a few minutes' walk.