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E-Town one-stop automotive chip evaluation, certification platform established

Updated: 2024-03-27

Since its establishment in Beijing E-Town in March 2018, the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center (NEVC) has been promoting pioneering projects through independent innovation.


Vehicle Energy Efficiency Development Laboratory [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

Focusing on the difficulties in vehicle development, NEVC has created the first domestic toolchain cloud platform - the 'Digital Simulation Cloud Platform' v1.0. 

In addition, the innovation center has established a vehicle energy efficiency development laboratory, a vehicle environment simulation laboratory, an automotive chip testing and certification laboratory, an automotive digital experience laboratory, to continuously improve the quality management system.

In terms of automotive chips, NEVC has built two major technical ecosystems: "Automotive Chips" and "Digitalized Vehicles," and preliminarily established a one-stop automotive chip evaluation and certification platform with four levels – "Chip Devices, Chip Systems, Controller Level, Vehicle Level."

It supports the formulation of national automotive chip standard system guidelines, providing a framework for setting automotive chip standards, and lays out testing evaluation and quality control systems, and serving multiple vehicle manufacturers to accelerate the process of chip localization.

Not only does it originate from industrial and market demands, but NEVC also validates and measures the commercial value of technology through the market.

Just last year, NEVC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BYD; at the end of last year, the innovation center obtained the certification of BYD's third-party automotive chip evaluation laboratory, assisting in the testing evaluation and onboard application of excellent domestic chips.

The innovation center has formed business collaborations with many industry-leading companies such as NIO, XPeng, Great Wall Motors, Hyseim, SiEngine, and Beijing Institute of Open Source Chip, providing over a hundred services cumulatively.

Furthermore, the innovation center has established high-level alliance platforms: the China Automotive Chip Innovation Alliance, the China Automotive Research and Development Software Alliance, and the New Energy Vehicle Intellectual Property Alliance.