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Beijing E-Town promptly handles complaints online

Updated: 2024-03-27

In January, Beijing E-Town innovatively integrated the "Handle Complaints Immediately Service Platform" into the "Beijing Government Services" mobile app. It realizes the full process of handling complaints immediately - dispatching, receiving, returning, handling, providing feedback, and follow-up visits - through mobile office, effectively improving the efficiency of addressing complaints and reducing the burden on grassroots governance.

"Some complaints require handling at the scene of the incident, with evidence such as photos, videos, and recordings. Previously, these materials could only be uploaded via computer after returning to the office. Now, it can be done directly on the phone, and the progress can be immediately reported after on-site handling. It is convenient for the staff handling complaints immediately and allows the public to receive feedback more quickly," said Li Kai, a complaint handler from the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Beijing E-Town.

"At the bottom of the work order information interface, just click 'Upload Attachment' to upload," Li demonstrated to reporters while opening his phone.

Without geographical restrictions, the immediate handling of complaints is more efficient, and ensures that services continue uninterrupted in various emergencies. 


Demonstration of online reporting of complaints [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

As of March 22, through the mobile system, Beijing E-Town has processed a total of 2,300 complaints, reducing the average response time by 18.59 percent, and increasing the efficiency of complaint acceptance by 1.4 percent.