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Beijing E-Town accelerates investment attraction in robotics industry

Updated: 2024-03-18

The Humanoid Robot Competition and the China Humanoid Robot Hundred-Person Association Working Conference were held in Beijing E-Town from Mar 13 to 14.

Alongside the theme screen of the humanoid robot competition, a signboard reading "Global 'New Intelligent Manufacturing' Dream Factory" attracted attention, with participants frequently stopping to watch or take photos. 

This is a "business card" of the Zhongguancun (Yizhuang) International Robotics Industry Park, and also a microcosm of investment attraction in Beijing E-Town.

"We have established a dedicated investment promotion team to connect with enterprises and universities from multiple areas, such as industrial investment and investment attraction." said the head of the Automobile and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Division.

According to the four major sections of the competition, the division organized Beijing Yizhuang Robot Technology Industry Development Co and E-Town Capital to jointly form four investment promotion teams. 

After understanding the current situation of projects and enterprises on-site with the judging experts, they further communicated and formed a long-term list for connection, actively inviting companies interested in developing in Beijing to discuss cooperation.

Over the past two days, the investment promotion team has connected with 116 participating projects from all over the country, and many companies have expressed their willingness to further communicate about policies and landing space.

In recent years, leveraging various events and conferences, Beijing E-Town has actively showcased itself, attracted investment through commercial means, enhanced its visibility, and continuously expanded its "circle of friends" for investment attraction and financing.

"The business environment in Beijing E-Town is first-class, and the services are of high quality and efficiency, which has strengthened my confidence and determination to invest and start a business here!" said Wan Jie, executive director and general manager of UW-Robotics. 

He learned about E-Town after it became the permanent venue for the World Robot Conference and was attracted to the area after understanding its policies and making connections, ultimately choosing to start a business in the area.

Going forward, Beijing E-Town will continue to optimize its industrial space and build the Zhongguancun (Yizhuang) International Robotics Industry Park into a high-quality development zone for the robotics industry integrating research and development innovation, public services, application demonstrations, and industry aggregation.