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TISC launches preparatory work in Beijing E-Town

Updated: 2024-03-11

Beijing Yizhuang Technology Innovation Co has been successfully selected as one of the first batch of institutions for the establishment of TISC in the second phase, becoming the first institution in Beijing E-Town to obtain qualification for the TISC establishment project. This was announced in a notice issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. 

TISC is a project under the framework of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) development agenda. 

The Chinese TISC is jointly promoted by WIPO and the State Intellectual Property Office, aiming to help Chinese intellectual property and innovation users improve their technical information retrieval capabilities, acquire industry dynamics and new technology information more quickly, and enhance their innovation capabilities.

As an important platform for innovators to access technical information, establishing TISC will help enhance the ability of innovators and inventors to access technical and intellectual property information, thereby enhancing local scientific and technological innovation capabilities. 

According to the latest publicly available data, over 1,520 TISCs have been established in 93 countries worldwide, providing approximately 2 million consultations annually. Among the 102 TISC institutions established in the first phase, 12 are located in Beijing, which has developed into one of the largest and most successful TISC networks globally.

As a platform company under Yizhuang Holdings' "Promotion of Science and Technology Industry Investment" business segment, Yizhuang Technology Innovation is an important support platform for the work of science and technology innovation in the area.

Yizhuang Technology Innovation provides one-stop full-chain services in intellectual property for enterprises in Beijing E-Town, shortening the average cycle of high-value patent authorization for enterprises, and supporting enterprise innovation and property rights protection. 

It has innovatively established a "customized" and "home-delivered" service model for enterprises, achieved the first acceptance of patent pre-examination, the first mediation of intellectual property disputes, and the first implementation of trademark business in the area, receiving high praise from enterprises.

In the future, Yizhuang Technology Innovation will integrate the existing intellectual property work mechanism and intellectual property data resources, conduct TISC preparatory work, strive to become the hosting institution for TISC, and provide patent retrieval, patent analysis (patent navigation), database customization, intellectual property training and consultation, and other related innovative support services for innovation entities.