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Beijing E-Town's first synthetic biomanufacturing public technology platform launched

Updated: 2024-03-05

The Synthetic Biology Technology Innovation Forum was recently held in Beijing E-Town. At the forum, Beijing E-Town's first synthetic biomanufacturing public technology platform was officially launched.

The forum not only featured keynote speeches from industry academicians, experts, and other industry leaders, leading towards forward-looking explorations, but also witnessed financing contracts signed to accelerate business development. 

Beijing E-Town International Investment & Development Co signed a contract with Beijing Yanwei Technology Co (Evolyzer), investing 50 million yuan ($6.95 million) to help the company achieve Series A financing of over 150 million yuan.

During the forum, the "Skyland Synthetic Biomanufacturing Public Technology Platform" constructed based on Evolyzer was officially launched, marking the first synthetic biomanufacturing public technology platform in Beijing E-Town.


The interior of the synthetic biomanufacturing public technology platform [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]


The interior of the synthetic biomanufacturing public technology platform [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

The public technology platform covers an area of over 5,000 square meters, with fixed asset investment exceeding 50 million yuan. It features an instrument cluster and innovative technology network ranging from synthetic biology technology to green process technology and various field product developments.

Stepping into the technology platform, new equipment and production lines are eye-catching. 

Among them, Beijing's first sound wave-excited coupled mass spectrometry system can provide high-throughput precise screening technology for 105 enzyme and bacterial samples. 

The platform also includes multiple 5L-500L small-to-medium-scale fermentation production lines and various forms of biocatalytic devices, providing an important production platform for process optimization, scaling-up, and product manufacturing.

In addition, the public technology platform also includes multiple application testing platforms such as artificial climate chambers, simulated oil extraction devices, and interface chemistry, providing convenient and efficient simulation testing environments for application development in fields such as energy and chemical engineering.

As of now, Beijing E-Town has attracted more than 4,200 companies in the biotechnology and healthcare industry. 

To support industrial development, the area has issued an action plan for accelerating the construction of a global highland of “intelligent manufacturing of new medicines” in Beijing E-Town from 2023 to 2025, establishing a "1+N" industrial policy system. 

Additionally, synthetic biology has been included as a key focus in future healthcare industry development, with special policies to be released for synthetic biology sub-tracks this year.