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Beijing E-Town Government Investment Guidance Fund empowers high-quality development

Updated: 2024-03-04

The Beijing E-Town Government Investment Guidance Fund has in the past year formed a healthy fund ecology covering the entire life cycle of enterprise development, including "industrial upgrading funds + special sub-funds (such as technology innovation sub-funds, talent sub-funds, etc.) and seed funds + market-oriented sub-funds", serving the high-quality development of the dominant industrial ecology circle and the construction of a modern industrial system in Beijing E-Town.

As of now, the guidance fund has reached a scale of six billion yuan, with a total of 10 key direct investment projects and six sub-funds decided, and the decided amount has exceeded 3 billion yuan, which is expected to drive approximately 10 billion yuan of social investment and reinvestment.

Established last January, the guidance fund is financed by the Beijing E-Town Government and managed by E-Town Capital. 

The initial scale is 10 billion yuan, of which 20 percent is to be used for major project direct investment through industrial upgrading funds, 40 percent for investment in special sub-funds and seed funds, 30 percent to establish market-oriented sub-funds, and 10 percent of the funds reserved for flexible use. 

The investment direction focuses on the four dominant industries of next-generation information technology, high-end automobiles and new energy intelligent vehicles, biotechnology and health, and robots and intelligent manufacturing, as well as other high-tech industries that comply with regional industrial development plans.


LandSpace's Zhuque-2A remote-sensing liquid oxygen-methane carrier rocket successfully completes the "one rocket, three satellite" launch mission. [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

At the end of 2022, during a critical period when LandSpace Technology faced challenges in its independent research and development of rockets, the Beijing E-Town Industrial Upgrading Fund made its first investment in the company, injecting 150 million yuan into it as a "booster," increasing confidence among other investors. Investment institutions in Shanghai and other places followed suit. 

At the end of last year, LandSpace Technology's Zhuque-2 Y3 liquid oxygen methane carrier rocket completed a "one rocket, three satellites" launch mission. As the world's first liquid oxygen methane rocket to enter its payload into orbit, it represents a milestone achievement for "China's aerospace" in the application of new low-cost liquid propulsion.

The "siphon" effect of the Guidance Fund on high-tech projects is not limited to this. This February, through strategic investment the Beijing E-Town Industrial Upgrading Fund also attracted a domestic leading unicorn enterprise in the automotive chip field, SemiDrive Semiconductor Technology Co, to settle in E-Town.


A corner of the workshop of SemiDrive Semiconductor Technology Company [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]