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Beijing E-Town rolls out 10 measures to boost economy

Updated: 2024-01-23

At the beginning of the new year, Beijing E-Town issued several measures to consolidate and enhance the positive economic recovery trend, proposing ten specific measures in four aspects to ensure a good start in the first quarter and steady and accelerated economic growth throughout the year.

To fully promote industrial stability and growth, these measures put forward five specific initiatives: consolidating the foundation for stable and positive growth, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, supporting enterprises to expand production capacity, supporting the technological transformation of enterprises, and supporting the construction industry in providing application scenarios for industrial development. 

Focusing on accelerating the development of productive service industries, these measures support the continuous and rapid development of the information service industry, stimulate the release of new momentum in technology services, and promote the quality upgrading of leasing and business services. 

They also support service industry enterprises to grow stronger, driving productive service industries towards specialization and the high-end extension of the value chain. Certain support will be provided to service industry enterprises with higher growth rates, based on the first quarter and annual revenue increment.

In terms of unleashing domestic demand potential by promoting consumption, the development of lifestyle services is supported, the cultivation and expansion of new types of consumption are encouraged, and the intrinsic driving force for economic growth is enhanced. 

Wholesale and retail enterprises are encouraged to achieve good sales growth in 2024, with specific support provided based on the first quarter and annual sales increment.

Regarding intensifying efforts to cultivate enterprises, industrial and service enterprises included in the statistical network reporting platform for the first time from Dec 1, 2023 (inclusive), to Apr 1, 2024 (inclusive), that see high growth rates, a one-time reward will be granted. 

To promote the transformation of scientific achievements, independent legal entities certified and registered in 2024 with a technology contract transaction volume and absorption of Beijing's technology contract transaction volume will receive varying degrees of incentive support.