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Nine key areas of work for Beijing E-Town in 2024

Updated: 2024-01-04

Beijing E-Town recently held its annual work conference for 2024, formulating tasks for economic and social development in 2024. The GDP of the E-Town New Area is expected to grow by around 6 percent year-on-year, with industrial output increasing by over 7 percent year-on-year.

The following are nine key areas of work in 2024:

Enhance innovation and controllability levels of industrial and innovation chains

Accelerate key technology breakthroughs and promote the formation and expansion of advantages in such areas as integrated circuits, information technology, and autonomous driving. Speed up the establishment of an independent and controllable system.

Accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system

Promote the integrated development of the new generation of information technology, the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry, innovation and development in biotechnology and the big health industry, acceleration of the robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry, leadership in digital economy development, and leading development in future industries.

Speed up the construction of the main platform for the international science and technology innovation center

Enhance the capability to overcome core technological challenges, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, optimize the innovation service system, and build a highland for the development of innovative talents.

Create an international first-class business environment

Promote reforms in the management system, enhance the competitiveness of industrial organizations, amplify the brand effect of "E-Town services," innovate land management and supply models, and unleash the vitality of state-owned enterprises.

Accelerate the formation of high-level open development momentum

Further expand the scale of foreign investment and foreign trade, optimize services for foreign-related enterprises, explore innovative institutional mechanisms, accelerate the application for the establishment of the E-Town comprehensive bonded zone, and promote coordinated development in the area.

Speed up the pace of integrated development between industry and city

Enhance the level of infrastructure construction, the industrial carrying capacity of newly expanded areas, the smart city management system, the refinement of urban governance, and the operational capacity of urban safety.

Build a highland for green and low-carbon development

Seize new opportunities for industrial development under the "dual-carbon" goals, cultivate new impetus for green development, enhance urban resilience, and build a garden-like industrial city.

Improve residents' quality of life

Make efforts to improve education services, perfect the medical service system, enhance the quality of urban residence, stimulate urban vitality, upgrade consumption, optimize social security services, and enhance the efficiency of grassroots governance.

Accelerate the modernization of government

Speed up the transformation of government functions and improve governance efficiency. Strengthen the construction of a law-based, effective and clean government. Apply the results of inspection and rectification effectively.