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Beijing E-Town invites overseas Chinese talents to live their dreams

Updated: 2023-12-26

Beijing E-Town appeared at the first China Overseas Talents Development Conference's "Beijing Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Industrial Policy Promotion Meeting" on Dec 20. 

Yu Miao, director of the Organization and Personnel Department of Beijing E-Town, introduced the high-quality development advantages and first-class business environment of the area, extending an invitation to overseas Chinese talents from 37 countries and regions across five continents, welcoming them to realize their business dreams in Beijing E-Town.

Yu stated at the promotion meeting that Beijing E-Town is willing to provide an open, inclusive, attractive, and mutually beneficial development environment for every entrepreneur with dreams and innovation.

As the only national-level economic and technological development zone in Beijing, Beijing E-Town occupies only 0.35 percent of Beijing's land but contributes nearly 30 percent of the city's industrial added value. 

It has attracted over 80,000 domestic and foreign market entities from more than 40 countries and regions globally, including 50 listed companies. With over 800 patents and the realization of more than 1,000 technological innovation achievements, it has played a leading role in the city's industrial development.

Furthermore, the area prioritizes serving enterprises with a first-class business environment, offering services such as "streamlined approval" and "optimal services" throughout the entire life cycle of enterprises, and has pioneered a series of reform measures like "one integrated license" in Beijing. 

It has established a 10-billion yuan ($1.4 billion) government investment guidance fund, a 1-billion fund for the transformation of major science and technology projects, a 500-million fund for technological innovation, and a 100-million fund for green development. 

The area has also created a policy-focused realization model of "online one-network application, offline one-window acceptance." Since the opening of the policy realization platform in April 2020, the amount realized has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

This year, Beijing E-Town released the "Ten Policies for Talent" 2.0 version, investing over 10 billion yuan annually in industrial development funds, establishing a 500-million innovation and entrepreneurship investment special fund. 

Simultaneously, through the construction of an international talent community, efforts are made to provide high-quality life services for talents, promote the balanced layout and high-standard construction of public services such as education, healthcare, and housing. 

Currently, the total number of talents in the area exceeds 400,000, with a talent contribution rate surpassing the average level of Beijing by 7.35 percentage points.