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Approval of work permits for foreigners in Beijing E-Town accelerates

Updated: 2023-12-20

The approval authority for the "Work Permit for Foreigners in China" was delegated to Beijing E-Town as of Nov 1.

To ensure the smooth transition of approval authority, Beijing E-Town has established an approval process of "preliminary review within one working day, review on the day of acceptance, and conclusion within three working days". 

As of the end of November, a total of 383 related inquiries had been received, and 81 cases had been reviewed and processed.

Officials from the Administrative Approval Bureau of Beijing E-Town explained that not only are more personal and close services provided to foreign employees, promoting further optimization of the regional business environment, but relevant departments in the area have also comprehensively reviewed the processing procedures. 

They have improved the training and assessment mechanisms for both front and back offices, and based on the actual needs of enterprises and processing issues, compiled a "reverse standardization" service guide to provide enterprises with more accurate and user-friendly guidance, facilitating smoother business transactions.

"I am handling the business of obtaining work permits for foreigners in China for the first time, and I did not expect the experience of the first application to be so convenient and efficient. I originally thought it would take three working days for the approval process, but it was successfully completed in just one working day!" said Jia Xuefei, a representative from Beijing Sineva Technology Co, after receiving the work permit for foreign employees.

"Because the processing time was relatively urgent this time, in the past, for such urgent cases, we had to go to the window of the municipal government service center 30 kilometers away for processing. Now, we only need to handle the business within the district, which is really convenient." 

After submitting the application, staff members immediately contacted Jia Xuefei and provided guidance on material preparation based on the actual processing needs. 

"Now I only had to make one trip to complete the business transaction." Jia added.