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Beijing E-Town welcomes Hong Kong technology exchange

Updated: 2023-12-19

The "Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) Science and Technology Exchange Conference with Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area" took place at the National Information Technology Application Innovation (ITAI) in Beijing E-Town on Dec 12.


A view of the "ASTRI Science and Technology Exchange Conference with Beijing E-Town" [Photo/beijingetown.com.cn]

During the conference, Lin Bijun, the Mainland and Hong Kong Business Development Director of ASTRI, introduced ASTRI and its science and technology innovation ecosystem. 

Several experts from ASTRI delivered keynote speeches on such topics as advanced semiconductors and their applications, machine vision and artificial intelligence in smart manufacturing and medical imaging, development and collaboration in smart travel in Hong Kong, the applications of multimodal image analysis in digital health and smart cities, and the application of new sensing and display technologies in smart cities. 

They also engaged in discussions and negotiations with representatives from various industries in Beijing E-Town, exploring the latest technology and industry trends to promote technological innovation and development between the two regions.

"Through in-depth discussions with several experts from ASTRI, we have preliminarily reached intentions for cooperation on relevant projects. After the conference, we will continue to engage in further discussions with ASTRI to ensure the early and effective implementation of the projects." according to a representative from a Beijing E-Town company in the robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry.

As Hong Kong's largest public research institution and designated as the "Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology Research and Development Center" by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, ASTRI focuses on such areas as trusted technology, artificial intelligence, communication technology, IoT sensing, integrated circuits, smart manufacturing, and digital health. 

It has achieved fruitful results in key core technology research and innovation, and has received numerous international accolades.

While Beijing E-Town, as the main platform for the Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center's "Three Science Cities and One Hi-Tech Area" initiative, has attracted over 80,000 companies from more than 40 countries and regions worldwide, with a total investment exceeding $100 billion and investments from 100 Fortune Global 500 companies in 155 projects.