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Beijing E-Town takes multiple measures to create sound international business environment

Updated: 2023-12-15

"The service team here is not only very professional, but also goes above and beyond their duty to help customers. I feel very confident that all my future needs will be handled at this office."

On the message board of the International Talent Service Area at the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA) Government Service Center, the handwritten comments of foreign service users express their confidence in the professionalism provided by the service team. 

Convenient and efficient 'one-stop' integrated service

On the first floor of the Government Service Center, the International Talent Service Area has achieved the full coverage of work permits and residence permits for foreigners with the "joint processing" of types A, B, and C. 

Up to now, it has provided services for over 35,000 international talent-related cases, benefiting 507 foreign talents with "joint processing" services.

In addition to handling relevant documents, foreigners working and living in the area have various needs, such as salary remittance, family members coming to China, children's education, and the development of their own enterprises. 

Based on thorough research, Beijing E-Town has created an integrated service scenario for foreign-related approvals, covering 93 items in 20 areas, including foreign talents, returning overseas Chinese, foreign investment, import and export services, and the empowerment of the free trade zone. 

So far, a total of 3,941 consultations, applications, and document issuances have been provided.

International language environment offers considerate experience

"I live in Fangshan and came to this office for the first time. I was really impressed by its structure and really well trained team. Thanks for all your help and support." Visitors like Alison are impressed with the Government Service Center. 

In response to the language needs of foreign users, the area has established a multilingual volunteer service team proficient in English, German, Russian, Korean, and other languages. 

They have compiled "15 common government English sentences" and "100 sentences for foreign language services," providing pocket reference books for all service window personnel. 

Regular foreign language training sessions have also been organized to enhance the overall capability of service window personnel.

Vance, a Brazilian, appreciates the thoughtful service. 

When her visa was about to expire, Vance came to the International Talent Service Area with her two-year-old daughter for visa processing.

Seeing the child crying and causing distress to Vance, the staff immediately called a colleague with parenting experience to comfort the child and patiently guided Vance through the business process. 

"You are really efficient and thoughtful. I'm looking forward to living long term in China." said Vance.

'Face-to-face' policy advocacy ensures zero-distance communication

As the "general window" of Beijing E-Town's services, the Government Service Center focuses on the concerns of foreign-funded enterprises and foreign talents, collaborating with relevant departments to organize periodic policy advocacy and training sessions. 

This face-to-face communication allows businesses to understand policy details and get immediate answers to their questions. 

Currently, six policy training sessions have been organized, benefiting nearly 300 enterprises, interpreting such policies as "Several Policies to Support the High-Quality Development of Foreign-Invested Enterprises" and "Ten Measures for Talent 2.0."